feeling all ostalgic

Listening to the BBC’s Newshour this morning, I got a heavy 20 minute dose of the Berlin Wall.  Sandwiched in between the remembering/reflecting on the wall and an analysis of the fall of communism was a brief report on people’s nostalgia for all things East German.  Apparently this nostalgia, more properly known as Ostalgie, is a hot topic to discuss.  Much like people of my generation reminisce about the introduction of New Coke, jelly shoes, and shows on Nickelodeon, many people who grew up in East Germany have fond/not so fond memories of products they grew up, cars that they drove, etc and extends even to new boutique hotels featuring “charming” Soviet design.

The 2002 movie “Good Bye, Lenin!” takes this to the extreme when a son recreates the world of East Germany for his mother who had fallen into a coma right before the fall of the GDR and whose doctors don’t think that she could stand the shock of a new world order.  Jokes about pickles and Trabants abound much like the memories of the Berliners interviewed in the BBC piece.

20 years later and the memories of mustard haven’t quite faded.

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