i spy with my a little eye a hawk in the sky

Our latest reading craze over here is birds.  Parrots, parakeets, ostriches, and well, most anything winged and feathered.  Little w. desperately wants a bird for Christmas, but as we live in a 900 square foot home with a gas stove, that poor bird wouldn’t survive a week before it became the proverbial canary in a coal mine.

Most recently, this book by MeghanMcCarthy has been our favorite:

This very cute (and mercifully short) book is based on the story of a red-tailed hawk that took up residence near Central Park and all of the people who gathered to watch him.  Even little w. seems puzzled by the humans’ behavior.  “Why are they all standing around all night for that hawk?” he asks.  Good question from a kid who could spot hawks in the sky all day long where we live.

Apparently, PBS also found this story captivating as a documentary on it has been made on it.  Some rainy day, we’ll have to watch it, provided little w’s bird fascination last that long.

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