it’s a day hike

Last weekend we took advantage in the break in the rainshowers and headed to West Point on the Eno for a little bit of urban hiking.  We love hiking in the fall/winter because you can actually see things–the nests high up in the tree or the river stretching out below you.

As any hiker knows, it’s important to bring all of the critical gear with you.  Accordingly, the kids each carefully packed their backpack with the essentials:  water, snacks, books, baby dolls, play food…

The kids actually walked a lot of the trail this time and enjoyed throwing sticks in the Eno as well as seeing the hawks, blue heron, and even the earthworm.  After years of taking the kids on hikes, it’s gratifying when everyone leaves the woods happy and having wanted to stay even longer.   This time, even the littlest one among us also left happy:

What a relief.


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