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it’s a snow day!

Greetings from our snow drift:

“Hey, why is there no one at the park?” wonders little w.  Perhaps because it is currently sleeting?

At least the snow plow crew is out in full force:

Bits of beauty in the snow:


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apparently penguin did something very, very bad

I honestly have no idea where she gets it from sometimes.

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bye, bye andy

We may not have Andy Roddick in the draw at the Australian Open any more, but we’ll always have this.  Poor, poor Roddick.  He works so hard but there’s always someone there…

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it might be getting colder outside,

but mercifully not as cold as it is here.

Still, with our love affair of penguins going strong and Big W’s love of the Werner Herzog’s “Encounters at the End of the World” raging on, we’ll have to stop by UNC Global’s exhibit “Ice Counterpoint: Encounters in Antarctica and the Arctic” sometime soon.  I’m sure the kids will love the large scale photography, but I am eager to explore the bold claim in the press release that “North Carolina will be particularly affected”  by changes in the polar regions.  No doubt that the transformation of Antarctica and the Arctic would have profound effects on the world as a whole, but I am curious as to how they will pull off targeting these effects to my small bit of personal geographical real estate versus, say, an equally charming parcel of land in Virginia.  We shall see…

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movin’ on up…

to a deluxe apartment in the sky are our Lego people.

Today we constructed a new home for our littlest family members:

Next time, I might put the glass wall on a higher floor to better take advantage of the views (of the grimy wall? the dust bunnies under the desk?).

Little w’s proudest detail:

For the record, the head with a stake protruding from it is a “For Sale” sign and the object directly to the right is a bottle of hand sanitizer (talk about a sign of the times).

My favorite feature:

The second story deck (complete with a waiter) and the rooftop deck with spy glasses thoughtfully aimed towards the neighbors.  Home, sweet home.

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can you tell what these are?

Because no one so far has been able to without great prompting.  I thought my loving attention to detail, the tidy beadwork, precise handstitching, thoughtful stuffing, and measured blanket stitching would make it crystal clear what these delicacies are, but I was (alas) wrong.

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it’s a pancake pic-a-pic

on the living room floor.

To the untrained eye, it might look like the play kitchen just threw up on Auntie Sue’s very lovely quilt, but this is actually a carefully constructed art installation piece.  You doubt me?  Just try moving a glass and you’ll experience the wrath of the security guard, too.

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