be happy with what you have. no, you deserve it all.

Whenever I’m in need of an update on what Bruce Willis has been up to or I want to find out who had the best tap dance solo of all time, I turn to the Sunday supplement magazine “Parade.”  In addition to learning all about Harrison Ford’s airplane collection, the fair readers of this periodical’s January 10th issue were privy to some authoritative financial and lifestyle advice.

First article:

Nice message on how to live within your means and investing in your relationships with others.

And on the very next page:

Seriously?  My head and my heart ache a little over this pairing of messages.  First you’re telling me that I should be happy with the blessings that I have and eschew materialism in favor of deep and true family and friend relationships.  Then, on the very next page, you are advising me on all of the ways to get those material things that I’ve been desiring even when times are tough.

Please, I know I’m not asking too much from even “Parade” but pick one message and stick with it for just one issue.  Next week you can have a whole different financial message but switching back and forth within the span of a flick of a wrist is just too troubling for my puny brain.


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