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from the file of “better late than never”

Last November I idly flipped through a Crate & Barrel catalog and saw this festive Christmas stocking:

Huh, I thought to myself.  That’s nothing but felt, a little bit of stitching, and a whole lot of time.  Well, four months and a bucket of procrastination later, here is my version of the stocking:

A super-sized stocking it may be,  but it sure beats using daddy’s stinky socks as stockings again.


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sing us a song

In between sessions of “Here Comes Science,” one of our favorite things to listen to over here remains the haunting songs of the humpback whale.  My favorite feature of this website is that sometimes they have whalesongs as a live feed.  Really? Wow.  Why?

As a kid watching “The Voyage of the Mimi” at school (where everyone eagerly waited the episode on hypothermia when you got to see a couple guys crawl into sleeping bags in only their unders–scandalous!), I remember listening to these songs and being mesmerized. Little w + e didn’t believe us at first when we told them that the whales were the making these eerie noises, but we have effectively converted the next generation into fans.

For those of you who want to learn about hypothermia or see a young Ben Affleck as C.T., here’s the infamous episode:

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get out!

Thank you, They Might Be Giants for this earworm:

This song has been going through my mind compulsively for days now resulting in very dull and long-winded conversations with my son on topics such as the Chevy Volt and why hybrid cars tend to “sneak up” on us.

In addition, everything that I picture in my mind’s eye is in “Electric Company” font and colors due to, I suppose, the “Electric-ness” of the TMBG song.

How can you deny an electric car?  Won’t you take a ride with me?  Happiness resides in an electric car…

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a festive robot army

is wishing friends “Happy Valentine’s Day!” if they ever make it out of our house first.

I already caught little w. dismantling the robot that he had just built; a chocolate rim around his mouth was proof that w. had been munching on his robot’s feet.

And little e. is so attached to her creations that she has already declared that her friends will “never, ever, ever, never get a robot.”

At the time when I was flipping through a magazine, it seemed like a good idea to make these little critters.  Now that my children’s selfish side is showing through, I’m not so sure…

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cute? menacing?

I can’t quite decide.  Little Orange Fwend, as he is called around here, is munching on a snack of Milk and Lego Heads.  It’s a bit charming how little e. sets up these scenes but also a bit unsettling when you look at them. I mean, heads? She couldn’t find anything else?

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anyone excited for a holiday?

There’s not exactly a little chocolate behind every door, but it will do, I suppose.  Little w. made me (made me!) create a countdown calendar for Valentine’s Day–a slightly strange, re-purposed Advent tradition, but whatever.  Every day we will attach a heart to our calendar until finally it’s the 14th and we…we…eat candy?

Kind of a let down actually, but who am I to deny a little kid the joy of anticipation?

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