sincerest form of flattery?

As parents know, kids are prone to imitate.  They copy (and annoy) their older siblings, they duplicate their playmates’ actions on the playground, and they imitate what they see their parents do and often say.

Over here we are getting some clear insight into what our children see us do and what they deem noteworthy or interesting.

Apparently, we like to set fires as evidenced by the tidy little bonfire that little w. recently set in the outfield at Oval Park:

And playing restaurant the other day resulted in this little scene:

The glass of wine and the soup were quite tasty though I’m a little depressed that I had to charge the $3.47 that I couldn’t scrape up in cash.

And then there is little e. who must be channeling her aunt by doing her yoga with Baby and Baby-Baby:

Fires, wine, yoga–it all adds up to a pretty busy weekend.


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  1. kate said

    I love it!

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