it’s officially spring!

According to the calendar and according to the thermometer, it is definitely spring in Durham.  To celebrate the warmth, we headed to Duke Gardens yesterday to enjoy the sun, to admire the blooming saucer magnolias, and to go turtle spotting (we saw seven; four of which were lazing on the rocks).

As always, we spent a lot of time searching for and learning about ducks:

Few ducks, however, were to be found at the Gardens today–just a mallard or two and a pair of muscovy ducks. The new addition in the Asian gardens is finished and open for visitors; the kids thought it was hysterical to take their shoes off to walk in the building with the shoji screens.  The other big change was that the koi pond has been drained to fix some pump and water issues, and the kids were very concerned as to the fate of the fish.  After serious contemplation, they decided that the fish are swimming around in someone’s bathtub.  Uh, ok.

All in all, a lovely morning in the Gardens.


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