i’ll fly away

I am the first person to admit that our sunporch can get a bit messy from time to time.  Post-birthday party, it was especially in a state of, uh, disorder as chairs had been moved to the side and unclaimed drink coolers abounded. Because of a recent crafting night, our Christmas branch had finally been moved out to the sunporch with its attendant red bird decoration perched delicately on an upper branch.

Puttering around in the kitchen, a fleeting movement through the window in the sunporch caught my eye.  I peeked through the window and was just in time to see a tiny little bird hopping through a one inch opening in the storm door to the back deck. We have a tenant!

A couple of hours later I heard a startlingly loud and bright chirping concert taking place in our sunporch. Apparently someone is wooing Redbird!  I scared off one of the birds but managed to spy on the bolder friend as he took over the penthouse apartment on the top of the kids’ easel.

I particularly like in this picture how the branches create a bird shape right next to Redbird–no wonder why the new tenant felt like he could make himself at home here!  Sorry, friend, but the janitor of this building said that birds as tenants were not allowed due to insufficient cleaning funds.  Perhaps we’ll erect some new housing for you outside soon??


  1. Grammy said

    I think little w’s pet bird has arrived. This is a tradition; I acquired Ownen the same way!

  2. eluet said

    Only if we can bring the bird over to your house!

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