strong hit from the money machine

I’m not really what it says about me or our culture when my child presents me with a money machine (aka ATM) that he has built out of Lego.  A very big part of me is impressed that he sat down and so quickly whipped out a structure that looks so much like its real-life equivalent.  I mean, when the kids ask me to make a boat out of Lego what they are presented with resembles a matchbox much more than anything slightly nautical.

Another part of me, however, is left wondering why an ATM.  I usually go to ours when the kids aren’t with me largely because they love pressing the buttons so much, mugging for the security camera, and yanking the bills out and refusing to surrender them to me.  Their antics are pretty funny to me but not so much to the ever present line of grumpy looking patrons waiting in line behind us late on a Friday afternoon.

ATMs are convenient, ubiquitous and very useful, but they seem to represent the worst about us as a culture–cash on demand, true lack of understanding where money comes from, electronics replacing human interaction. Maybe soon little w. will go back to creating his bizarre animal/machine morph creations.  Much better??


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