nothin’s gonna stop me now

So, after an intense four hours or so of reading, I just finished up this month’s book club selection.  Two weeks early.  A personal best.  Of course, it does help that this month’s book was The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie.  A book for juveniles.  A book that clocked in at 229 pages.  But still, I finished it.  Early.  I am taking that as a victory no matter what.

And I very, very much enjoyed this novel.  The main character of Junior/Arnold was compelling and endearing and heartbreaking at times.  His story, while painful and sad at times, wasn’t a downer; he didn’t dwell.  Moments straight out of an afternoon teen special (see the second basketball game) were tempered by insights into Junior’s culture and himself.

The most hilarious part of reading the novel though?  Being eerily reminded of the movie “Smoke Signals” throughout the novel only to look up Sherman Alexie and realize that he wrote the screenplay for the movie.  Quick as a fox, I am.  Sharp as a tack.


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