pangea–not just a baby name anymore

When I was pregnant with my second child, my husband used to spend his commute to work brainstorming ideas for baby names.  Two of his favorites (which strangely didn’t make the final cut) were Persephone (“We can call her ‘Phone’ for short!”) and Pangaea.  So, any news story that mentions the supercontinent immediately commands my attention.

Enter NPR this evening.  Apparently there is a gentleman who is making it his goal to lengthen the Appalachian Trail.  As if the AT  just wasn’t long enough, he wants it to reflect the original mountain chain back before Pangaea broke apart and went its separate ways.  At first, you have to laugh at this plan.  How can you through hike a trail that crosses the Atlantic?  But then you start to see the brilliance of it–a fresh challenge, a new level of logistics and planning, the gift of an unexpected sequel.  And, honestly, after hiking on the vista-less tunnel that the AT can be at times, who wouldn’t want to spend a week or so on Scotland’s West Highland Way?


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