go, gadget, go!

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows (aside from “Little House on the Prairie” and “Facts of Life”) was dear, clueless “Inspector Gadget.”

Imagine my giddiness when I got the brainstorm to purchase the DVD for my son for his birthday!  Yes!  Don Adams’s voice and lots of extendo-appendages!  How can you lose?

I am happy to report that the DVD has not let me down.  After watching the intro a mere two times, both kids can hum the theme song and shout out, “do DO!” at the appropriate time.  Musical prodigies I am raising.

More than anything, I am loving watching something with my kids that I liked when I was younger.  My son often asks what I liked to read or do when I was his age, and usually I either can’t think of anything or what I think of is so lame (I used to pretend to be a school bus and pick up the pine cone kids and take them to school) that I end up fibbing.

And the “Inspector Gadget” cartoons are still pretty hilarious.  My dad might not admit it, but I heard him chuckling over the pirate episode that he and little w.  just watched.  Good, gadget-y fun!


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