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my daughter’s new theme song

After a near-altercation on the playground today between my daughter and a much older child, this has been running through my head all afternoon:

This girl is SUCH a Taurus.


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movie night!

Somebody had this list up on the computer when I went to check email, and it wasn’t me so that’s all I’m saying.  The combination of currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird and seeing “Roman Holiday” on the list sent me scrambling to the Durham County Library website to see what other Gregory Peck movies they have in their collection.  If only I didn’t have to wait another hour until they open up…

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It was Arts and Crafts day over here yesterday, so we took a vote and decided that it had to be Watercolor Wednesday.  Ever since Dear Old Dad decided to buy coffee filters in bulk at Costco (“What?  Now we don’t have to buy any more filters for another 28 months!”), we have been using them in our art projects.  Hence, butterflies.

Today we chose to use the basket filters (and yes, we do have mega supplies of both basket and cone filters–doesn’t everyone??) and to break out the new watercolor set.  Little e. chose to go with quantity and produced about 11 butterflies in about as many minutes. 

Little w., however, really took his time and fretted over his color combinations:

Next step:  setting the butterflies free and helping them to find homes with relatives and friends in the neighborhood.  Let’s share the beauty!

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get on the bus!

It was admittedly a slow day in Durham.  Lacking anything else better to do, we recruited a friend to join us on an adventure–an inaugural trip around Durham on the brand new Bull City Connector bus.  We decided on an abbreviated tour this time out by boarding at Whole Foods and heading downtown.  The kids anxiously waited for the bus to arrive, lamenting other buses that passed us by.  (“But why can’t we get on that bus?”  Uh, because we don’t want to end up in Chapel Hill today??)  My friend wanted to know how much the bus cost–“A Fare FREE Route.”  Hmmm, what could that slogan ever mean??

Finally our bus arrived, my son bullied his way past the other waiting patrons, and we headed to the row of seats at the back of the bus.  We were off.

The kids loved, loved, loved it.  The adults loved, loved, loved how neat and tidy the bus was as it was only its second day of operation.  The bus was moderately full allowing us to spread out:

The kids favorite part of the afternoon:  switching seats on the bus to get a better view or to get away from the moms.

Mama’s least favorite part:  the nauseating new car smell of the bus, though I’d imagine that it is better than the alternative.

All in all, a fun afternoon, but it leaves me wondering why the connector bus is more exciting than just riding the city bus to the mall or downtown or something.  Is it because it’s absolutely free saving me a $2 round-trip fare for the three of us?  Is it because of the exciting paint job on the buses?  Is it because it goes in a relatively quick loop tour of downtown?  Is it because it’s still new and clean?

Regardless, it was a good way to spend a day.

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if only it were that easy (and cheap)

When I was leaving the house the other day for a meeting, little e. presented me with this:

This is, if you can’t quite tell, my very own laptop computer to take with me wherever I go.  The screen is admittedly on the small size but the super-sized computer keys will come in handy when I am typing randomly in the dark.  I was a little skeptical about the power source issue but then my daughter assured me that it is solar-powered.  (She truly thinks of everything, that little entrepreneur).

What I love most about her useful creations is the pride and sense of accomplishment that she has in them.  She really, truly believes that she has made something indispensable, something profoundly needed.  And she doesn’t understand our laughter, well-intentioned though it is, when she gives us a folded up piece of paper and then explains carefully to us that it is a take-along swimming pool in case we get hot on the way to the grocery.

Little e. has been churning out laptops by the dozen this week for anyone who is interested. Somehow, she is able to squeeze in this industry alongside her highly lucrative and successful bookmark line (paper and ribbons only). And everything costs just $1.49.  What a deal.

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back on the bottle

My daughter was in love with her Wasserflasche, her pink wavy striped water bottle that her grammy gave her last year at the beach.  Over the past year, however, this bottle had taken a lot of abuse–dents, a leaky seal, icky teeth marks.  To my great annoyance, this was the only Wasserflasche that my darling would deign to use.

Imagine my great relief when this bottle bit the dust last week.  Finally!  A new bottle that wouldn’t leak all over my bag.  To help my daughter get over her grief about the demise of her Wasserflasche, I decided to show her a couple of replacement options online.  Big mistake.

I started off the Grand Tour of Stainless Steel Children’s Water Bottles with this fine specimen:

Pink is good, my daughter agreed, but it needs to have a hook on top.  A hook, ok.  How about this one?

Good hook but not nearly pink enough.  Point taken.  Let’s check this one out:

Whoa!  Way, way, way too big.   She needs a short bottle.

By this point, my blood sugar level had plummeted, my patience had expired, and my interest in my child’s hydration needs had, frankly, evaporated.  Who is this child who can’t put her shoes on reliably by herself to be so damn picky about her Wasserflasche?  Frankly, we bought a car faster than my daughter is making her decision on a water bottle.

One last option and then it is time to make dinner:

Do you hear that folks?  Yep, that’s the sound of sweet success.  This cotton candy stainless steel confection was, apparently, the object of my daughter’s heart’s desire.  We had found our prize.

One short trip over to Twig in Chapel Hill, a slight issue over spouts (so many options–why??) charmingly resolved by a kindly salesclerk, and my daughter was soon to be found sucking down water with her trademark rude slurp from her newest, greatest, pinkest, shortest, hook-sportingest Wasserflasche.

Sweet, painful success.

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nothing but the finest gardening practices here

If you thought for a moment that this was a picture of Jack and the Beanstalk,  you would be forgiven.  It is, however, only a photo of the giant weed that is sprouting out of our curb–the very same weed that my husband has been mentioning for weeks:  “I really ought to do something about that giant weed that is sprouting out of our curb.”

It is nice to know that something will grow and apparently thrive in this overbearing, oppressive heat.

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