a shopping list, deconstructed

We just got our son’s school supply list in the mail, and it includes a few puzzles/unintentional hidden gems.

  • 20 glue sticks.  20?  For the next generation of paste eaters??
  • Boys bring in gallon size freezer bags; girls supply the sandwich size ones.  Differences in appetites already?
  • 1 box of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels.  I can tell you already that that is simply not going to cut it for a whole year.

And for the other grades:

  • 72 pencils.  Is there a beaver in the classroom?
  • “Please sharpen pencils if you can.”  And deprive some kid of an excuse to get up, stretch her legs, and hit a friend on the back of the head?  I think not!

Some of the items make the heart of a parent a little bit sad, too.

  • 20 glue sticks in Kindergarten; nary a stick required in fourth grade.  I guess the fun is over.
  • Two packages of cap erasers needed for third graders; just one large pink eraser for the following class.  Think before you write, dear child.

In all seriousness, I adore, love, and cherish school supplies.  My heart beats fast at the sight of such a list, but seeing this list in print makes me realize how fast my baby is growing up and how much tedium he will be soon be facing.  Enjoy Kindergarten and eat that paste while you still can!



    1. Jason said

      you said beaver………..

    2. eluet said

      And fourth grade is where you belong…

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