back on the bottle

My daughter was in love with her Wasserflasche, her pink wavy striped water bottle that her grammy gave her last year at the beach.  Over the past year, however, this bottle had taken a lot of abuse–dents, a leaky seal, icky teeth marks.  To my great annoyance, this was the only Wasserflasche that my darling would deign to use.

Imagine my great relief when this bottle bit the dust last week.  Finally!  A new bottle that wouldn’t leak all over my bag.  To help my daughter get over her grief about the demise of her Wasserflasche, I decided to show her a couple of replacement options online.  Big mistake.

I started off the Grand Tour of Stainless Steel Children’s Water Bottles with this fine specimen:

Pink is good, my daughter agreed, but it needs to have a hook on top.  A hook, ok.  How about this one?

Good hook but not nearly pink enough.  Point taken.  Let’s check this one out:

Whoa!  Way, way, way too big.   She needs a short bottle.

By this point, my blood sugar level had plummeted, my patience had expired, and my interest in my child’s hydration needs had, frankly, evaporated.  Who is this child who can’t put her shoes on reliably by herself to be so damn picky about her Wasserflasche?  Frankly, we bought a car faster than my daughter is making her decision on a water bottle.

One last option and then it is time to make dinner:

Do you hear that folks?  Yep, that’s the sound of sweet success.  This cotton candy stainless steel confection was, apparently, the object of my daughter’s heart’s desire.  We had found our prize.

One short trip over to Twig in Chapel Hill, a slight issue over spouts (so many options–why??) charmingly resolved by a kindly salesclerk, and my daughter was soon to be found sucking down water with her trademark rude slurp from her newest, greatest, pinkest, shortest, hook-sportingest Wasserflasche.

Sweet, painful success.


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