if only it were that easy (and cheap)

When I was leaving the house the other day for a meeting, little e. presented me with this:

This is, if you can’t quite tell, my very own laptop computer to take with me wherever I go.  The screen is admittedly on the small size but the super-sized computer keys will come in handy when I am typing randomly in the dark.  I was a little skeptical about the power source issue but then my daughter assured me that it is solar-powered.  (She truly thinks of everything, that little entrepreneur).

What I love most about her useful creations is the pride and sense of accomplishment that she has in them.  She really, truly believes that she has made something indispensable, something profoundly needed.  And she doesn’t understand our laughter, well-intentioned though it is, when she gives us a folded up piece of paper and then explains carefully to us that it is a take-along swimming pool in case we get hot on the way to the grocery.

Little e. has been churning out laptops by the dozen this week for anyone who is interested. Somehow, she is able to squeeze in this industry alongside her highly lucrative and successful bookmark line (paper and ribbons only). And everything costs just $1.49.  What a deal.


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  1. Grammy said

    Sign me up for one. Those big keys are just the thing for vision impaired elderly!

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