It was Arts and Crafts day over here yesterday, so we took a vote and decided that it had to be Watercolor Wednesday.  Ever since Dear Old Dad decided to buy coffee filters in bulk at Costco (“What?  Now we don’t have to buy any more filters for another 28 months!”), we have been using them in our art projects.  Hence, butterflies.

Today we chose to use the basket filters (and yes, we do have mega supplies of both basket and cone filters–doesn’t everyone??) and to break out the new watercolor set.  Little e. chose to go with quantity and produced about 11 butterflies in about as many minutes. 

Little w., however, really took his time and fretted over his color combinations:

Next step:  setting the butterflies free and helping them to find homes with relatives and friends in the neighborhood.  Let’s share the beauty!


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