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where did we go wrong?

Around these parts, we love the My First Little House Books.  Through grandparent finds at thrift stores and the used books online, we’ve slowly amassed almost the whole collection.  This morning, little e. managed to dredge up a gem, A Little House Birthday which we somehow had never read before.  It was spectacular.

The book begins with Laura bored out of her mind on a Sunday where she had to sit quietly all day long and perhaps could play silently with her little doll, Charlotte.  The part, however, that had Big W. laughing out loud at the coffee shop this morning was this page:

“Pa told her to sit in her chair and be quiet, and Laura began to cry.”  Seriously?  We tried this one out on little w. when he was being impish, and he looked at his daddy and tried to thump him on the head.  Where indeed did we go wrong?  What was Pa’s secret?

I do like in the book, however, that Pa shows his softer side (after being such a meanie and telling Laura to sit in her chair–ouch!) by cuddling the poor child and telling her stories.

I don’t want my kids to be living in fear of me, but I wouldn’t mind a little sitting and being quiet every now and then either.


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it’s coming up roses

Little e. had her first day of school last week, and I was too sick to really care.  We just sent her off with some random backpack filled with random bits of clothing. This week, as the energy slowly returns, I decided that what she really needed was a spiffy bag of her own.  Enter my felt stash.

Looking at my crap, uh I mean, craft shelf, I was appalled/amused to notice that I have quietly amassed about $200 worth of felt in a rainbow of colors.  Little e. and I picked out her favorite colors, and I set to work cutting out flowers.  After plunking down $1.80 at AC Moore for a natural colored tote bag, it was on to stitching on the flowers and trying to keep the blood off of the bag.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

I declared the tote bag finished, but little e. insists that more and more blooms are needed for her “garden.”  We shall see…

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because you share a love so big,

I now pronounce you frog and pig!

Last week, while I was recovering from the sure-to-be-not-last Dread Illness of the season, little e. did whatever she wanted to around the house.  She footpainted in the sunporch.  She changed clothes 11 times a day.  She ate nothing but yogurt. One late morning found me prostrate on the living room floor and watching “The Muppets Take Manhattan” with little e. sitting on my feet.

Ah, the muppets.  I used to listen to the movie soundtrack albums over and over when I was little on my red ladybug record player.  And while my kids do get a kick out of the muppets’ antics, they spend a fair amount of time puzzled by the creatures.  “Why are there so many of them?  Why do their mouths move so strangely?  Mommy!  That monster scares me!”  And so on and so forth.

Well, we all know that puppets can be spooky, but I wasn’t prepared for the spookiness of realizing that “The Muppets Take Manhattan” is quite a dated film. Yes, it isn’t just Miss Piggy’s secretary chic apparel and awesome make up, but those are awfully distracting indeed.

It’s just an ’80s kind of film–amnesia, a big splashy wedding, and celebrity cameos that anyone under the age of 30 would be hard pressed to identify.  I spent a good chunk of the movie wondering in my fever induced haze if that was really Brooke Shields (hard to tell without those close-ups of her Latisse eyelashes) and how I would like to watch a slow motion morphing of Joan Rivers from her shop clerk character to today’s, uh, character.  I did, however, very much like Gregory Hines as the cute roller skater wannabe (“Keep the skates. Keep the skates. I don’t use ’em anyway; I just like to run around in shorts.”).

Obviously, I know that whenever you step into the territory of things that you used to like as a child, there are land mines all around you.  Your kids hate it!  You have to leave the room after 10 minutes yourself!  You realize what you made your poor parents sit through and immediately call and apologize!  “The Muppets Take Manhattan” didn’t descend to this level by any stretch but merely left me feeling like a very, very old 1980s carbon-dated dinosaur.  And that doesn’t make one want to get up off of the living room floor.

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it took almost two years,

but I finally found my YMCA membership card.  In a last-ditch effort to stop the refrigerator’s ungodly loud clanks and clangs, I moved out the fridge, swept behind it, and vacuumed out the coils.  Well, the appliance is still being annoying, but on the upside, my Y card emerged from a 22 month adventure underneath the fridge.

For those of you keeping score at home:

Items Found This Summer

  • checkbook from a closed account
  • YMCA membership card that was subsequently reissued

Items Still on the Run

  • ipod shuffle
  • Christmas gifts that I had ambitiously already made but cannot locate

Sigh.  Here’s hoping that the loop current that is my home will bring these items back to me if I am just patient enough.

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buying headaches in bulk

There are plenty of random things that I buy in bulk, but I have not been able to master this pesky little problem of transferring the lentils or oats or what have you into my own container.

No matter how much tender loving care I bestow on my purchase, I end up chasing rice or quinoa around the floor for days afterwards.  I thought a funnel would make things easier, but it’s the uncooperative plastic bag that is holding me back.  Or, it could be just my complete lack of talent or dedication to this pursuit–who knows?  I do know, however, that in the grand scheme of grocery dilemmas, this one is pretty tame, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on it or on the runaway lentils.

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