buying headaches in bulk

There are plenty of random things that I buy in bulk, but I have not been able to master this pesky little problem of transferring the lentils or oats or what have you into my own container.

No matter how much tender loving care I bestow on my purchase, I end up chasing rice or quinoa around the floor for days afterwards.  I thought a funnel would make things easier, but it’s the uncooperative plastic bag that is holding me back.  Or, it could be just my complete lack of talent or dedication to this pursuit–who knows?  I do know, however, that in the grand scheme of grocery dilemmas, this one is pretty tame, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on it or on the runaway lentils.


  1. z. said

    I have the same problem! what about if you cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag?

  2. eluet said

    Scissors! What a crazy idea! Now if I can only find a pair…

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