where did we go wrong?

Around these parts, we love the My First Little House Books.  Through grandparent finds at thrift stores and the used books online, we’ve slowly amassed almost the whole collection.  This morning, little e. managed to dredge up a gem, A Little House Birthday which we somehow had never read before.  It was spectacular.

The book begins with Laura bored out of her mind on a Sunday where she had to sit quietly all day long and perhaps could play silently with her little doll, Charlotte.  The part, however, that had Big W. laughing out loud at the coffee shop this morning was this page:

“Pa told her to sit in her chair and be quiet, and Laura began to cry.”  Seriously?  We tried this one out on little w. when he was being impish, and he looked at his daddy and tried to thump him on the head.  Where indeed did we go wrong?  What was Pa’s secret?

I do like in the book, however, that Pa shows his softer side (after being such a meanie and telling Laura to sit in her chair–ouch!) by cuddling the poor child and telling her stories.

I don’t want my kids to be living in fear of me, but I wouldn’t mind a little sitting and being quiet every now and then either.


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