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it’s the most wonderful time of the year


Sufjan Stevens, my

peaceful, holiday best friend.

No chipmunks for us.


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since i had to take back “a room with a view” to the library…

Dancing, plotting, love.

Sisters in society.

Winter movie time.


It has been months since my last viewing of “Pride and Prejudice” (the non-300 minute one), and there I was stuck on the sofa with a dreamy half-smile on my face again.  So much fun to watch although I clearly know how this one will end.

And I am obviously not the only one who takes a pleased satisfaction in the tale of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy–a quick search for the movie at the library turned up a shocking number of retellings of/sequels to/novels inspired by Pride and Prejudice.  Is it witty repartee?  The headstrong girl?  The tidy ending?  Who knows?

While I know that I have read Austen’s Persuasion an unhealthy number of times, I really don’t know if I have ever read P& P.  I suppose that this holiday season I should bust the Austen out–maybe a more pleasant (if not as readable) choice than last year’s Christmas selection, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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the white beast’s last ride

No shudders, no clunks.

No midnight grunts, resigned sighs.

Goodbye, dear old fridge.

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announcing my presence

Three pairs of shoes now.

Hear me coming.  Squeak!  I go.

Has to be my feet.


Maybe I should buy a pair of these.  These can’t possibly squeak, can they?

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no doggie bag, thank you

Come eat dinner here.

Veggie hash and biscuit meal.

Kid vomit no charge.


Thanks for the dinner invite and the g.i. bug.  We’ll be sure to reciprocate soon!

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tall, tall tower

Curving, soaring high.

Stack and grow.  Made with true love,

made with dixie cups.


As I uploaded some pictures to my computer, some long-lost photos decided that now was time to migrate to the computer.  (I’m very up on how all of this precisely occurs).  This spectacular pyramid was actually a summertime creation.

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almost a cardboard box

metro watch window

a bus, a train, an amtrak.

highlight of the trip.


Seriously, folks, the kids spent the better part of a morning sitting on an ottoman staring at the King St. Metro station in Alexandria.  I think their hearts would have broken if the front desk had put us on the other side of the hotel…

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