an ode to antibiotics

Another earache,

dreary, melting zombie-child.

Kindergarten sucks.





  1. Holly said

    I love the inclusion of kindergarten beratement… Is beratement a word? If so, I dare you to use it in a haiku.

    • eluet said

      I don’t know–that’s an awful lot of syllables…

  2. Amy said

    Another earache? May i recommend our ENT?

  3. Grammy said

    Poor Will-Hope he feels better soon. Let’s take him to the National Zoo for a sick prezzie!

  4. eluet said

    Outrageous, isn’t it? I wonder if I can buy amoxy by the gallon…

  5. Mama/Omi said

    So sad. You had the same problem every six weeks until you were 2. You outgrew them, so there is hope.

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