since i had to take back “a room with a view” to the library…

Dancing, plotting, love.

Sisters in society.

Winter movie time.


It has been months since my last viewing of “Pride and Prejudice” (the non-300 minute one), and there I was stuck on the sofa with a dreamy half-smile on my face again.  So much fun to watch although I clearly know how this one will end.

And I am obviously not the only one who takes a pleased satisfaction in the tale of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy–a quick search for the movie at the library turned up a shocking number of retellings of/sequels to/novels inspired by Pride and Prejudice.  Is it witty repartee?  The headstrong girl?  The tidy ending?  Who knows?

While I know that I have read Austen’s Persuasion an unhealthy number of times, I really don’t know if I have ever read P& P.  I suppose that this holiday season I should bust the Austen out–maybe a more pleasant (if not as readable) choice than last year’s Christmas selection, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


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