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somewhere, someone in marketing is smiling

One solid week of answering questions about cars (“Hey, have you ever seen a purple Prius?”  “Mom, why don’t you say the ‘t’ in ‘Chevrolet’?”  “Who do we know who drives a Jetta?”) found me creating this document today:

I’m sure the quality would make my graphic design friends shudder (feel free to create me a better one), but I am hoping that putting this on a clipboard and giving little w. a pen to tally up the cars he sees will buy me an hour or two of peace while we are driving.  We shall see…


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what can’t you do with a little tape?

It has been a very, very long time since I’ve sat down to this blog largely due to a complete absence of naptimes over here and a desire to try to be crafty/actually finish books for my book club  (Finished a truly excellent book this morning for last night’s book club, btw).

This picture, however, pretty much sums up what we’ve been up to over here:


For those of you who have not seen this device in person, this box (marked “fragile” of course) contains about 30 pieces of balled up paper.  We have chosen to use the highly secure method of affixing the box to the wall with painter’s tape.  Then, we sneakily try to lure Daddy to stand (ok, “crouch” is more like it) under the box so that it will rain paperwads on his head.  Truly hilarious fun created by some truly ridiculous children.

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