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cookie fun

Sprinkles, icing, bling!

Red hots to crack mama’s teeth.

Eat off floor for days.

Tried out a new recipe for the cookies this year, and they were great.  Soft cookies, icing that hardened but didn’t taste dreadful.  The kids added the coloring to the icing hence the, uh, bold shades.  w. and a friend showed restraint and even a hint of style while decorating.  e. went for the “More is more” approach.  Can’t lose either way I suppose.


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no doggie bag, thank you

Come eat dinner here.

Veggie hash and biscuit meal.

Kid vomit no charge.


Thanks for the dinner invite and the g.i. bug.  We’ll be sure to reciprocate soon!

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buying headaches in bulk

There are plenty of random things that I buy in bulk, but I have not been able to master this pesky little problem of transferring the lentils or oats or what have you into my own container.

No matter how much tender loving care I bestow on my purchase, I end up chasing rice or quinoa around the floor for days afterwards.  I thought a funnel would make things easier, but it’s the uncooperative plastic bag that is holding me back.  Or, it could be just my complete lack of talent or dedication to this pursuit–who knows?  I do know, however, that in the grand scheme of grocery dilemmas, this one is pretty tame, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on it or on the runaway lentils.

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what gives?

To the more scientifically-minded out there:

A mixed drink–belonging to a male member of the family–composed of random fruit juices, vodka, maybe a splash of sparkling water.  The question is, what makes the blueberries that were tossed in bob up and down?  Why does a berry, in a lava lamp-like fashion, dive to the bottom of the glass and then slowly float back up to the top only to briefly hang out for a moment and head back again to the depths?  Anyone?

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playing with your food

I always forget about it, but lunch for the kids at The Mad Hatter in Durham may just be about the best deal around.  For $3.95 the kids get their protein, side of fruit, drink, and the Amazing-Decorate-It-Yourself Cupcake.  Yes, you read that correctly, the kids get to ice and decorate their own cupcakes with an assortment of sprinkles served up to the kids in an array of tiny cups.

Pretty, it isn’t, but in terms of entertainment and bribery (“Strange how you haven’t touched your fruit.  Makes me wonder if you have room for your cupcake…”), the cupcake decorating absolutely cannot be beat.

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if it’s july,

then we must be picking blueberries!  Last weekend we made our annual pilgrimage out to Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm north of Hillsborough.  I love taking the kids to this farm for many reasons (for instance, the berries are raised “naturally” or without chemical sprays), but what brings me back year after year is the sheer height and scope of the blueberry bushes.  In fact, the word “bush” does these plants an injustice.  They don’t resemble bushes as much as they do trees. Other places where I have picked blueberries have these tame little scraggly shrubs; the blueberry bushes at Cedar Grove are magnificent, the redwoods of the berry world.  The bushes easily top out at seven feet and frustratingly tantalize you with plump fruit just out of your reach.

So last Sunday, we all donned our hats, carefully picked out our buckets, and started picking.  Unlike last year when they just snacked straight off the bushes, the kids were amazingly into the berry picking this year.  The bottom of little w.’s bucket quickly disappeared and little e. prided herself on getting the berries off of the low-hanging branches.

Within an hour, we had picked 12 pounds of luscious berries which should keep us stocked up for smoothies and ice cream toppings at the very least for a month or two!

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ice, ice baby

As it has been so damn hot lately (hello, North Carolina in July!), all I have been able to think about this week has been ice cream, fla-vor-ice pops, popsicles, push ups, Locopops

We used up our mega supply of fresh cherries the other day by making some homemade cherry cheesecake frozen yogurt which was super tasty largely due to the presence of in season fruit and the creamy greek yogurt.  Now I have my eyes set on these Martha Stewart treats.  Hello, watermelon bombe!  And how cute are these little sorbet fish?

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