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but what they don’t tell you is to do it when the kids are asleep…

So today the organization bug bit–I was tired of opening the hall closet and having tennis rackets, wrapping paper, and wool felt cascade down onto the floor.  During big brother’s nap, little e gleefully pulled out all manner of odd bits (Two pairs of swimming goggles?  Party noisemakers?  Hungarian forints?) and we went to town.  While she was helpful in the demo phase, I quickly remembered how the closet got to its current state.  Good Lord, the explosion of googly eyes, dumping of crayons, and unraveling of balls of yarn about drove me to a 2 pm glass of wine.  How do you get anything done when a 21 mo. old is busy undoing your progress?

And then I remembered that I had forgotten the #1 rule of being a mama–never expect to get anything accomplished.  After 3.5 years of this, I should know better.  When you define yourself by your accomplishments and marking things off of your to do list, you are setting yourself up for a bitter failure.  Gorgeous closets are just not in the cards.

With the help of her now awake older brother, we hauled everything back into the bottom of the closet and shut the door.  We’ll tackle that another day.



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