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somewhere, someone in marketing is smiling

One solid week of answering questions about cars (“Hey, have you ever seen a purple Prius?”  “Mom, why don’t you say the ‘t’ in ‘Chevrolet’?”  “Who do we know who drives a Jetta?”) found me creating this document today:

I’m sure the quality would make my graphic design friends shudder (feel free to create me a better one), but I am hoping that putting this on a clipboard and giving little w. a pen to tally up the cars he sees will buy me an hour or two of peace while we are driving.  We shall see…


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what can’t you do with a little tape?

It has been a very, very long time since I’ve sat down to this blog largely due to a complete absence of naptimes over here and a desire to try to be crafty/actually finish books for my book club  (Finished a truly excellent book this morning for last night’s book club, btw).

This picture, however, pretty much sums up what we’ve been up to over here:


For those of you who have not seen this device in person, this box (marked “fragile” of course) contains about 30 pieces of balled up paper.  We have chosen to use the highly secure method of affixing the box to the wall with painter’s tape.  Then, we sneakily try to lure Daddy to stand (ok, “crouch” is more like it) under the box so that it will rain paperwads on his head.  Truly hilarious fun created by some truly ridiculous children.

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love is in the air

Or, at the very least, dangling from our ceiling.  I finally took down the Christmas garland this morning (funny how you never see the things that are right in front of you) and put my little hearts up in its place. 

I’ve been on a campaign to use up my collection of felt scraps, and stitching up these little guys finally put a dent in my stockpile. 

On a related note, my kids have apparently been silently suffering from the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas blues and are placing an inordinate amount of importance on Valentine’s Day.  So much so that we had to repurpose an activity from last year and make an Advent Countdown Calendar for Valentine’s Day.  And still, no chocolates are to be found.

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why my shoulder hurts

I had a few extra minutes today, so I decided to dump out my bag and see what was hidden inside.  I share my list with you:

  • 1 knife
  • 2 forks
  • 1 spoon
  • wristwatch
  • hairbrush
  • empty hand sanitizer
  • whistle
  • matches
  • candles
  • travel Cranium game
  • lotion
  • metal cup
  • wallet
  • 2 water bottles
  • daily calendar
  • coupon folder
  • small spiral notebook
  • letter from w’s school
  • scribbled on communion cards from church pew (ought to donate to the church’s paper goods fund)
  • pair of mittens
  • handful of lint-covered almonds
  • 3 grape jolly ranchers (hate that flavor)
  • blue plastic bracelet
  • flamingo drink stirrer
  • small puzzle
  • container of almonds (lint-free)
  • clementine
  • cell phone
  • ipod with headphones
  • ipod shuffle
  • set of keys
  • wikistick glob
  • pink plastic dolphin
  • hairclip
  • tiny magnifying glass
  • tie-dyed wristband
  • 11 silly bands
  • plastic snake
  • pink eraser
  • building block toy
  • flamingo card
  • ymca ID card
  • 2 toys r us loyalty cards
  • 2 copy cards
  • 2 band aids
  • 5 lip balms
  • empty altoids tin
  • hershey miniature bar
  • 15 pens
  • 2 sharpies
  • 1 highlighter
  • 6 pencils

Can you match my list?  Just try!

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owlies everywhere

These little owlies are enough to turn me into a squirrel and go skittering into the backyard to look for acorns.  Too cute!

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up next: the letterpress

Our newest favorite crafty past time comes to us courtesy of Aunt D.  On a piece of lightweight foam, the kids etch/scratch/indent a drawing–aliens, silly faces, flowers, rainstorms were favorite subjects over here. 

Then, we ink the foam piece (note to self:  put down newspaper on the floor for this part.  What was I thinking?) and slap it down on a piece of paper.  Woo hoo!  We’re a printmaking machine, and we’ve got some pretty cool pieces of art to boot.

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ice day #2

Or really “Day of No Ice.”  Regardless, there was surprising calm at our house as the kids created their giant watercolor masterpiece together.  Happily.  In perfect harmony.

Apparently this painting depicts robots (turn yourself sideways), and there might be some intergalactic ray gun fighting.  I’m not sure; it was hard to tell with all of the giggling going on.

Biggest problem right now though is what to do with this creation.  Our gallery’s wall space is becoming increasingly crowded.

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