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somewhere, someone in marketing is smiling

One solid week of answering questions about cars (“Hey, have you ever seen a purple Prius?”  “Mom, why don’t you say the ‘t’ in ‘Chevrolet’?”  “Who do we know who drives a Jetta?”) found me creating this document today:

I’m sure the quality would make my graphic design friends shudder (feel free to create me a better one), but I am hoping that putting this on a clipboard and giving little w. a pen to tally up the cars he sees will buy me an hour or two of peace while we are driving.  We shall see…


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seriously durham county public library?

Dear Book Intake Person,

Was there not enough blank space on the page for your sticker?  Are you trying to deny me even the most cursory details of the author’s biography?  Do you just do this because you can?  I do appreciate, however, your constancy in absurd sticker placement

Keep up the dubious work,

A Durham County Citizen

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what do snowmen do at night?

Happy New Year!  I’m taking a break from my haiku journaling to bring you this saga of a snowman.

We in North Carolina have had a snowy (for us) December.  On our latest and greatest snowstorm, the snow was perfect for building snowmen.  W. built this snowman which he promptly named “Frenzy” in honor of Space Police Lego.  Duh.

A day later, little w. walks into the front yard and says, “Huh.  Now I know what snowmen do at night.  They dance wildly!”

And the party must have been crazy because Frenzy seemed to be suffering the ill effects for much of the next day as well.

What do snowmen do at night indeed.

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coming up roses

My salvation, my

squeaky friends.  So pink, so kind.

Not my grandma’s gloves.

I really love the line on the card about the gloves being “specifically designed to compliment your home decor.”  First up, are we looking for the word “complement” here?  And more importantly, in how many kitchens do pink and brown dishwashing gloves blend in with the decor?  Perhaps if my kitchen was done in a princess theme these gloves would be an asset.  Aside from that, they are merely amusing.

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since i had to take back “a room with a view” to the library…

Dancing, plotting, love.

Sisters in society.

Winter movie time.


It has been months since my last viewing of “Pride and Prejudice” (the non-300 minute one), and there I was stuck on the sofa with a dreamy half-smile on my face again.  So much fun to watch although I clearly know how this one will end.

And I am obviously not the only one who takes a pleased satisfaction in the tale of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy–a quick search for the movie at the library turned up a shocking number of retellings of/sequels to/novels inspired by Pride and Prejudice.  Is it witty repartee?  The headstrong girl?  The tidy ending?  Who knows?

While I know that I have read Austen’s Persuasion an unhealthy number of times, I really don’t know if I have ever read P& P.  I suppose that this holiday season I should bust the Austen out–maybe a more pleasant (if not as readable) choice than last year’s Christmas selection, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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the white beast’s last ride

No shudders, no clunks.

No midnight grunts, resigned sighs.

Goodbye, dear old fridge.

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no doggie bag, thank you

Come eat dinner here.

Veggie hash and biscuit meal.

Kid vomit no charge.


Thanks for the dinner invite and the g.i. bug.  We’ll be sure to reciprocate soon!

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