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brief hiatus

A never ending  craft project and a reading spree have kept me away from blogging, but I’m back!


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missing pink bear haiku

Apparently some little child lost his stuffed bear, and the poetic mother posted on our neighborhood listserv looking for the bear:

the bear she is gone
on the path round englewood
or club boulevard

The following haikus were then written by various people in the neighborhood in response to the original poem:

Honeybees tell me
your bear is lost, but they lie,
buzzing the clover.


Honeybees tell tales
bear sleeping still in wet grass
among mosquitoes


West Club bears are odd.
My bear hibernates each spring
due to allergies.


Odder and odder
This listserv of ours becomes.
Love it or leave it.


What bear art thou
to which we refer
so strangely?

My inbox is thus
no longer interested
soon to block WHHNA.

What on earth is this thread about?


Indeed, that’s quite so.
So many flame wars abound.
When in doubt, delete.

Far too much freetime

on these leafy quiet streets

frustrated poets.

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sweet dreams

Little w. is really into the book Monkeys and Apes right now with its interesting overlays and photographs.  However, I can’t quite get into his favorite page, the page titled “Monkeys have funny faces and funny names!”  The picture of the devilish crimson faced Uacari and the freakish golden Capuchin monkey haunt me during the daytime and are sure to do the same some night.


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treehouse books

While my children may just know Aunt Darcy as the person who makes up crazy songs (be sure to check out her hits “Dookie Particles” and”Don’t Hit the Man with the Easter Lily”), she is apparently busy when not composing melodies.

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traveling with the kids

In a nonstop deluge worthy of an ark, we drove up to Virginia to visit some friends of ours who have landed on the outskirts of Richmond.  Scott Simon kept us company for part of the ride, and when he left us due to WUNC’s declining signal, we relived our college glory days with R.E.M.  The kids didn’t seem too enamored with this musical choice and chose to occupy themselves in other ways:



I am all for raising glorious bookworms who can read in the car without getting carsick like myself.  They keep themselves occupied and entertained, and it sure looks hilarious to see your 22 month old daughter poring over a picture book like it contains the meaning of life.

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What the kids are listening to these days

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