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owlies everywhere

These little owlies are enough to turn me into a squirrel and go skittering into the backyard to look for acorns.  Too cute!


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note to self:

hide the tape next time.

At least designing fashion footwear kept them occupied for an afternoon.

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bringing in some beauty

While Daddy was off playing tennis last weekend, the kids and I were all beginning to get a little grouchy, so it was time for a craft intervention.  Today we decided to play with the piles of tissue paper that have been gathering in the hall closet, and here are our newest dining room decorations:


 Both kids had a lot of fun sticking the squares of tissue paper on the clear contact paper.  Little e. went for the “more is better” approach on her circles.


 Her brother, however, tried to carefully create color patterns. 


Either way, the kids were very proud of their multi-colored mobiles.

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