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reflection on the household appliance section

Alternate title:  Why appliance salespeople are so odd.

Gray, white, and black world.

Where is the cherry, lime, grape?

Selling stoves is drab.


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ode to a fine pair of boots

Chocolate brown lace up boots brought home twelve years ago.

Big mountain purchase when “big money” was a baked potato at Wendy’s.

Backpacking on Mount Mitchell, Green Knob Trail non-proposal.

Vistas in the Columbia Gorge, monster-sized slugs in Olympic.

Trudging through the snow in North Carolina with kids in tow; these boots have seen it all.


Crouching in a toystore in Boone to get a closer look at the Playmobil Wedding Chapel.

Thwack.  Slap, slap, slap.  Trip.

A trail of my shoe’s dark gray matter follows, tiny bits of my hiking soul.

Shedding the tread of my footsteps.  Erasing the fall of my feet.

Unceremoniously dumped into a trash can outside of a fudge shop in favor of a pair of chocolate brown

flip flops.

A girl has to walk and these boots were made for walking no more.

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