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saturday morning songs

Despite not having any children in attendance, I spent Saturday morning in St. Louis listening to to the splendid “Musical Merry-go-Round” on KDHX.  I think my favorite song might have been “You Only Love Me for My Lunchbox,” but there were many fine, painless kids’ songs to enjoy.  Go ahead, stream it today and just try to not hum along to “Istanbul was Constantinople.”


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midwestern bugs


This little critter managed to make it to the top of the Compton Hill Water Tower in St. Louis.  The tower (not the lady bug) dates to 1898 and is one of only seven similar towers remaining in the United States today.  Apparently when I agreed to climb up the 198 steps, I forgot that heights and spiral staircases make me queasy.  It must have been the good humor and intense enthusiasm of the volunteers staffing the place (as well as the $5 that I paid for the privilege to climb) that got me up those steps to the stunning view at the top.


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back in the trenches

After a too short trip to St. Louis, I ran back into it full force this afternoon.  But let’s take a gentle moment to calmly reflect on the easy sunny Saturday afternoon that we spent around the city.

kinder-001Quite possibly the kindest hosts ever.


If only she had been wearing her lilac Easter dress, bobby socks, and patent leather mary janes,  this picture would have been perfect.

kinder-006Who can spot the arch?

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la vida loca

No cute kid pictures to post, no anecdotes about daily life gone haywire for I am hanging out with the adults in sunny St. Louis this morning.  Ah, to wake up when you choose, to actually finish your cup of tea, to go to a kid-unfriendly restaurant and actually order what you want to eat without having to weigh what the kids might want to nosh on off of your plate.

What a weird, wild world other people inhabit.

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