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a wild easter ride

Somehow, Easter has become the holiday that keeps on giving.  As a kid, Easter was the day when we got a bag of our favorite candy, received maybe a six pack of Coca-Cola in bottles if that was what we gave up for Lent, and then headed over to Lois’s house for Easter dinner.  For my kids, the holiday has somehow morphed into a nonstop orgy of Easter Egg Hunts and parties.

Some of this is my own doing, but much of it just seemed to happen.  The church has a special breakfast and egg hunt.  The neighborhood has an egg hunt and playtime.  There’s a family supper and attendant egg hunt.  It all makes for a fun-filled weekend albeit a drastic departure from the humdrum, calm ones that I remember as a kid.

That all being said, my favorite part of the day had to be the treasure map that my mom and I designed for the kids.  At 10 pm on Saturday night, the last thing that I wanted to be doing was sitting down with a box of Crayolas and a crumpled up piece of a Trader Joe’s shopping bag.  But, because I want so desperately to win the Mother-of-the-Year Award, I put my nose to the grindstone and produced an Easter Egg Present Treasure Map for the kids. Rhyming couplets and bold directional arrows  combined with a dodgy sense of scale resulted in this very fine map that the kids were (surprisingly) able to follow.

Each discovery was a thrill for the kids (little w. even remarked on the Easter Bunny’s thoughtfulness on straightening up the bookpile).

You have to love it when they get excited by finds from the Target dollar section.  Bunny ears–wow!  Coloring book–no way!  Foam sword–awesome!  The Easter Treasure Hunt culminated outside with presents in the tree, on the fence, and in the playhouse:

I’m not sure what we can do in our preschoolers’  book to top this Easter.  So, next year, we either need to have a general toning down of our festivities or else I need to step it up and try to work on my Easter sonnets a month early.


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