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love is in the air

Or, at the very least, dangling from our ceiling.  I finally took down the Christmas garland this morning (funny how you never see the things that are right in front of you) and put my little hearts up in its place. 

I’ve been on a campaign to use up my collection of felt scraps, and stitching up these little guys finally put a dent in my stockpile. 

On a related note, my kids have apparently been silently suffering from the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas blues and are placing an inordinate amount of importance on Valentine’s Day.  So much so that we had to repurpose an activity from last year and make an Advent Countdown Calendar for Valentine’s Day.  And still, no chocolates are to be found.


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rolling out the hearts

Quite despondent over the end of the holiday season, the younger ones over here have set their sights on Valentine’s Day.  Today, we decided to make some new decorations to take the place of the old Christmas ones that are still (sadly) lingering in our home.

The kids decided they wanted to paint, so I took some old cardboard and cut out heart shapes and created some insta-stencils.  Then, the kids chose Valentine’s Day colors like blue and brown to paint some hearts with sponge brushes and their new stencils.

Shortly after, little w. entered his dot phase and created a masterpiece in mauve that looked eerily like some notecards that my sister-in-law had given me a few years ago.

Perhaps this is a subtle sign that I need to write some letters?

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